VTIS Association – Volunteer 2022

As we entered the new year I wanted to share some thoughts on the past year. In November 2022 I was awarded the Volunteer Appreciation Certificate by VTIS Association of Slovenians educated abroad (https://www.drustvovtis.si). During this year I have been volunteering as a private Mentor to a younger student, lead some informative roadshow meetings and was a head of the Sandinavia local committee. I am very grateful that I could meet so many lovely Slovenians accross the world through this association and hopefully also helped many on their own path in the world.
I am also proud to share that my Norwegian brochure will soon be published on the Website of VTIS, which will include some very useful information on living in Norway.

In the year 2023 I will continue being a volunteer and a member of the Scandinavian group. Currently I am working on a couple of articles which will be published on the Blog page of the Association.
I am looking forward to all new exciting things that are awaitng us in the new year.

Volunteer appreciation certificate